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Sunday, April 20
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  May 6, 2014
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BBC&M is located at
1220 Sixth Street
Downtown Port Huron, Michigan
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Welcome to Bridge Builders

We are a non-profit agency that works exclusively with low-income, one-parent families. We believe t
hat “no one should have to raise a child alone” and are dedicated to work toward that goal. We offer short-term professional counseling and life-long mentoring services that seek to restore families, bringing them hope and healing.

What We Do
We serve children, teens, and adults living in a one-parent family as they strive to rebuild their lives and families to become a healthy functioning unit, regardless of their circumstances by offering:
  • Low cost professional counseling (most pay $2 - $7 a session)
  • Mentoring relationships for children through the mentoring program and for adults through the counseling sessions
  • Education on effective parenting, family modeling, healthy coping skills & basic life skills
  • Bridges to community referrals, networking, and connections
Why it Matters
Families come to our agency often as the last hope to regain control of their lives. They are looking for someone to walk alongside them, showing them they aren’t alone and equipping them with the skills to be successful. Bridge Builders seeks to restore these families, speak on behalf of hurting children in homes where they are not heard, journey along with adolescents who are searching for who they are, and encourage while challenging adults who have lost their way.

Our Program
In order to qualify, families must have a household income of under $30,000 a year and be a one-parent family (due to divorce, separation, incarceration, death, or abandonment).  We offer 6 months of counseling or 26 sessions, whichever is longer, in the hopes that the life skills learned are life-long tools to help these families overcome their chaotic lives.

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What's Happening

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